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How to adjust and work principle of adjustable stroke pneumatic cylinder

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The adjustable stroke pneumatic cylinder  means that the extension stroke of the pneumatic cylinder can be adjusted freely within a certain range.

For example, the stroke is 100, and the adjustable stroke is 50, which means that the stroke between 50-100 is available. The = the original stroke – the length of the set.

2. Some pneumatic cylinders have magnetism inside themselves, and a magnetic switch is installed on the outside to control the solenoid valve and control the stroke.

3. Install the stroke switch, control the solenoid valve, and adjust the stroke at will.

4. Use mechanical lever mechanism to change the stroke.

Common problems and causes of adjustable stroke pneumatic cylinders:

1. Internal air leakage and cross-gas generation are usually caused by leakage between the front cavity and the rear cavity inside the pneumatic cylinder. The causes of air leakage include damage to the piston seal ring, damage and deformation of the pneumatic cylinder barrel, and impurities in the shaft seal ring.

2. The operation is not smooth, and the reasons are that there are problems with the shaft center and the load link, the mismatch between the accessories, the deformation of the pneumatic cylinder and so on.

3. The piston rod is bent and broken, and the buffer fails. The reason is generally that the buffer seal ring, the corkscrew surface, the cone surface, etc. are deformed or damaged and not smooth.

4. The pneumatic cylinder is out of sync. The cause of the failure is that the output pipeline is not the same length, the friction coefficient of the pneumatic cylinder is different, and the speed regulating throttle valve is not installed during installation, etc.

5. The output power is insufficient, and the reasons for the failure include insufficient air supply pressure, the load force is greater than the effect of the pneumatic cylinder, and air leakage from the pneumatic cylinder.

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