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Introduction to the installation method of the pneumatic cylinder

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There are many ways to install the Pneumatic cylinder. According to whether the Pneumatic cylinder body (Aluminium Pneumatic Cylinder Tube) can move after the cylinder is installed, it can be divided into fixed type and swing type. There are multiple installation forms for the same cylinder. Taking the SC standard cylinder as an example, there are free type, flange type, tripod type, earring type and mid-swing type.

1. The earring type installation method is divided into single ear type and double ear type, which means that the cylinder end cover(China Air Cylinder Kit) and earring type installation accessories are fixed together with screws at the rear cover of the SC series standard cylinder. The vertical direction of the piston rod axis is the pneumatic cylinder of the pin hole, the load and the pneumatic cylinder can swing around the pin. During rapid movement, the greater the swing angle, the greater the lateral load on the piston rod.


2. Free installation method refers to the use of the thread in the pneumatic cylinder body to screw into the machine body for fixed installation without the use of installation accessories; or the use of the thread on the outside of the pneumatic cylinder body to use the nut to fix the pneumatic cylinder on the machine; it can also be installed through the end The screw holes of the cover are fixed on the machine with screws.

3. The tripod type installation method, denoted by LB, means to use an L-shaped mounting tripod to fit the screw holes at the front end cover (Pneumatic Cylinder Kit Supplier)) and use screws for installation and fixation. The mounting tripod can bear a large overturning moment and can be used for loads. When the direction of movement is consistent with the axis of the piston rod.

4. The middle pendulum type installation method is to install the TC middle pendulum in the middle of the pneumatic cylinder to complete the installation and fixation of the pneumatic cylinder. The pneumatic cylinder of this installation method can swing around the middle trunnion and is suitable for long pneumatic cylinders(Aluminum Pneumatic Tube Factory).

5. Flange type installation can be divided into front flange type and rear flange type. The front flange type uses flanges and screws to fix the pneumatic cylinder at the front cover, and the rear flange type refers to the installation method at the rear cover. The flange is fixed with screws, which is also suitable for occasions where the direction of the load movement is consistent with the axis of the piston rod.

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