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What is the current form of the pneumatic component industry?

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Nowadays, the application of pneumatic components is becoming more and more extensive. So, what kind of form is the industry facing now? Let’s take a look at it together.

My country’s pneumatic industry has improved its operation and management through product structure adjustments. Since the late 1990s, it has maintained a good economic operation situation, and its production has been growing steadily and continuously.

The development of domestic pneumatic components has gone through three stages: joint design, technology introduction and independent development. In recent years, according to market demand, many new products have been developed. Common components include: elliptical pneumatic cylinder Pneumatic cylinder, parallel double rod pneumatic cylinder (Made by pneumatic cylinder tube), multi-stage telescopic pneumatic cylinder (Air Cylinder Tubing Supplier), new gas-liquid damping pneumatic cylinder, energy-saving booster pneumatic cylinder, vibrating pneumatic cylinder, new clamping Pneumatic cylinders, air-controlled pilot pressure reducing valves, etc.; special purposes include: automobile exhaust purification systems, environmentally friendly automobile gas systems, electric locomotive pantograph lift air control systems, automobile brake air control solenoid valves, high-speed train grease spray solenoid valves, High-frequency solenoid valves for textile and printing, special pneumatic cylinders for railway switchboards, special pneumatic cylinders for oil and gas pipeline valves, special pneumatic cylinders for aluminum and magnesium industry, special pneumatic cylinders for woodworking machinery, color cement tile gas-controlled production lines, etc. The development and application of these products has expanded the application fields of pneumatic products and brought good economic benefits to the enterprise.

What is the current form of the pneumatic component industry

New products are developing towards high-tech, such as high-frequency solenoid valves, with operating frequency of 10~30Hz, up to 40Hz, durability of 300 million times, close to the international level; the development of gas-electric converters lays the foundation for the realization of gas-electric feedback control Lay the foundation and raise the pneumatic technology to a new level.

In the development of new products, new technologies, new materials and new processes are increasingly adopted. For example, the application of industrial ceramics to air valves has greatly improved the technical performance, working reliability and service life of the valves.

In recent years, more than 40 member units of the Pneumatic Professional Branch have carried out various degrees of technical transformation, and

Advanced equipment such as CNC machine tools has been popularized.

In recent years, foreign-funded enterprises have grown rapidly, and the scale, output value, sales, profit, and technical level of pneumatic components have played an important role in the industry.

An increasingly important role.

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